Monday, May 21, 2012

The Snake Braid

This is a really cool hairdo. I have had lots of compliments and questions on how to do this hairstyle. We like to call it the snake braid.

#1 Divide hair into 3 sections horizontally. The first section being from ear to ear, the next is the middle section and the last is the bottom section.

#2 Tie off the bottom to sections with elastics.

#3 Begin working with the top sections by combing the hair from the left to the right. Spray generously with water. I decided to do a dutch braid which simply means you grab the hair under instead of over like a regular french braid.#4 When you get to the right ear, undo the middle section and comb it down. Keep adding hair to the french braid turning it so you will now be heading to the left side of her head.#4 When you get to the left side undo the bottom section. Now this part gets tricky with your fingers but just keep dutch braiding until you end up on the right side of the head again. Finish out the braid.#5 Tuck the braid into the base of the hair by using your finger and making an opening at the end. Stuff the braid into the opening. Bobby pin down to secure.#6 Add a bow or a headband#7 cute little piggie!

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