Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby Hair

So #3 is old enough to finally put her hair in piggies!!!! Wahoo! I decided to try 3 pull-throughs on the top and then scrunch the back of her hair and tease it a little. She was definitely a wiggle worm and would turn her head when I didn't want her too and pull at her hair and grab the combs and mess it up but now I've been doing this for a couple weeks and she does great. I think I might use some shows on my kindle for her to watch while I do it. My sister-in-law taught me that trick :) By the way, if you can't tell- she wouldn't hold her head still long enough for me to snap a good picture.

#1 Section off 3 squares. Mine were on the diagonal.

#2 Use your topsy tail to make your pull throughs.

#3 Add a little mouse and a couple sprays of water.

#4 Tease hair and spray with hairspray.#5 cute little piggie!

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