Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Twisted Piggies

Sorry I didn't have a step by step on this one. I remembered to take pictures after the fact. So this seems complicated but is actually a piece of cake.

#1 Part hair down the middle.

#2 Section off a square on the top left and put aside.

#3 Section off a square on the bottom right and put aside.

#4 Put the rest of the hair into the 2 pig tails.

#5 Make 3 twists out of the top left section and add to bottom right hair.

#6 Make 3 twists out of the bottom right section and add to top left hair.

#7 Spray hair with water bottle and make a twist braid out of remaining hair. Fold over so the ends are sticking up in the air and tie off with another elastic.
#8 Do the same thing on the other side.#9 Tease ends and add ribbons, bows, headbands, whatever.

#10 Voila..... one cute little piggie!

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