Monday, March 19, 2012

Twisted bangs and ponytail

This was a fun hairdo. It took 15-20 minutes. #1 thought it looked pretty cool.

#1 Part hair on side.

#2 Start by using your comb and grabbing a small square section of hair on the vertical. Does that make sense. You don't have to have it diagonal but I like to.

#3 With the first squared off section, comb it straight up and then twist to the right until you come down to the head.#4 Put a bobby pin by having the straight part on the left side of her head and the bumpy part on the right. Push bobby pin through twist until it stays nice and snug.
#5 Continue this process all the way to the other side of head. I then went back to the part and did two more sections on the left so her whole top part of head had twists.

#6 Put lower hair in a side ponytail.#7 Add twisted hair to the ponytail.#8 Divide ponytail into 2 sections.

#9 Divide section into 2 pieces and twist to the right and do a corkscrew twist braid.

#10 Repeat for the other section.#11 Fold twisted braids up and secure and tie off with a clear elastic. Tease ends and spray with hairspray.#12 Add a bow or headband and cute little piggie!

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