Friday, March 23, 2012

Braided head band

This is always an easy way to keep back the bangs. It took 15 minutes.

#1 Section off hair ear to ear
#2 Pull low hair out of way into ponytail.

#3 Comb hair over to the side.

#4 Begin French braiding but I did it Dutch style so it is an outy braid. You will grab the hair right UNDER the middle, left UNDER the middle.
#5 Finish out braid.
#6 Have daughter hold hair up and attach braid with a clear elastic to another small piece of hair at the base of their neck. I also added a bobby pin for extra support.
#7 Either leave the hair down and straight or curl it.

#8 Add a fun headband or just leave it as is and cute little piggie!

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