Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger games-inspired braid

I liked Katniss's braid in the movie Hunger Games. If I would've had more time, I would've scrunched #1's hair with mousse and let it air dry and leave some bangs out and loosely side braid but I only had 10 minutes people. It was a school day and I was working with hair from the previous day. So it is what it is. Also as a side note.....I LOVED the book and the movie did not disappoint!

#1 Part hair on side.

#2 Start French braiding the bangs#3 You want to angle it diagonally so the braid starts out on the the high side and ends on the low side.#4 Finish out braid#5 Tie off with an elastic. I wrapped ribbon around a few times and tied a knot for fun.

#6 Voila....one cute little piggie!!

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