Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hair

This hairdo took about 15 minutes. #1 actually made the hairtie that we used for it. It turned out so cute I think. It is just a rubber band with torn pieces of different color materials tied in knots around it. We also added in some ribbon.

#1 Divide hair ear to ear.

#2 Pull lower part of hair in clip or ponytail to be out of way.

#3 Divide top hair into 3 sections

#4 Comb each section into a ponytail. Use your topsy tail and this time have the end pointing towards their face so the hair will be going out by their face. You want it to be upside down.#5 Split first section into 2 pieces and twist going in opposite directions. The right piece going clockwise and the left piece going counter-clock wise.#6 Shape into a heart and clip off.

#7 Repeat step 6 for all 3 sections.#8 Pull lower sections into a high ponytail. Add 3 hearts into ponytail with a clear elastic.
#9 Scrunch up hair towards middle and wrap cloth hairtie around it. Tuck in any pieces you don't want sticking out. Tease the parts you want. Spray with hairspray.#10 cute little piggie!

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