Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 pull throughs

This hairdo takes about 5-10 minutes. It is really easy. I have never used a small crimper before, so that was fun. #1 loved it.

#1 Part hair on side.

#2 Section off square on top of head.

#3 Divide into 3 diagonal sections.

#4 Tie off each section with an elastic#5 Use your topsy tail and stick the end in behind the elastic. Add hair up into topsy tail and pull through and tug on hair to make sure it is nice and tight.#6 Repeat for all 3 sections#7 You can either leave it how it is or keep going. I kept going of course! If you have a small crimper, here is where you are going to use it.#8 Crimp small sections of the top layer of her head. I don't do the whole thing because that would take forever and I think they look like poodles with fuzzy hair if you do the whole head with a small crimper, but that is just me.#9 cute little piggie!

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