Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twist side ponytail

This is one of my favorite ways to do hair. It is so simple. You can either leave it in a ponytail or do a side messy bun. I do this all the time. It takes 5 minutes.

#1 Begin by parting hair to the side.

#2 Grab bangs, if your daughter needs them pulled back, and seperate them into two pieces.
#3 Begin by twisting the right over the left. Now you will only be adding hair to the bottom pieces.#4. Keep twisting right over the left and then add to the bottom piece. Twist. Add to the bottom piece. Twist.
#5 Keep repeating step #4.#6 When you get to the other side of her head. Tie off with an elastic behind the ear.#7 Now you can either add a bow, headband or keep going and do a side messy bun. I just left it down and added a headband today.#8 Voila....one cute little piggie!

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