Monday, March 5, 2012

Upside down French braided Piggies

This was a fun hairdo. It took about 15 minutes. A fun twist on a regular ponytail.

#1 Divide hair into fourths. Hair split down the middle, clear until the nape of the neck. Then Section off two sections on the top of the hair and two on the bottom. You will be French braiding upside down.

#2 Have daughter sit in chair, with her head flipped upside down. Work on right bottom section (or your left). Begin French braiding standard style clear up until you run out of hair. Tie off with an elastic.
#3 Repeat the same thing on the bottom left section. Tie off with an elastic into a ponytail. You should now have two high ponytails.#4 Undo the clip or ponytail used to hold hair away on the top right section and begin French braiding until you get to the ponytail and tie off with another elastic. Now both ponytails should be combined.
#5 Repeat step #4 for the top left section.#6 Curl hair#7 Spray hair generously with hairspray. Add some cute ribbons and cute little piggie!

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