Friday, February 24, 2012

Puff Braided Bangs Ponytail

So this hairdo took 10-15 minutes. It is really easy, so anyone can do this.

#1 Part hair, ear to ear and pull back part into a low pony to get out of way or in a clip.#2 Comb hair from the left side over to the right side.

#3 Section off a square on the left side and tie off with an elastic.#4 I alternated colored elastics. Section off the next square and add the hair from the first square into the second.

#5 Section off next square and add hair from previous section and tie off with elastic. Keep repeating process until you've run out of hair on the side. It took me 5 sections.
#6 Comb hair that was out of the way into a high side ponytail adding in the hair from the bangs.
#7 Curl hair and tease and spray with hairspray.#8 Add a bow and cute little piggie!

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