Thursday, February 23, 2012

Milk maid braid

So this is a classic hairdo. It took 15 minutes.

#1 You will be doing a dutch braid, so grab the right piece under the middle piece instead of the traditional braid where you grab the pieces on top. You go right under the middle, left under the middle.

#2 Begin by parting the bangs to the side and combing the rest of the hair towards the back. Start dutch braiding a little bit behind the left ear. I started above the ear and wished I hadn't, so learn from my mistakes! :)
#3 Stay close to the forehead as you dutch braid.#4 Braid bangs first trying to stay along a line. Comb rest of the hair back. Once you get to the other ear, begin grabbing the long hair pieces following along the base of the head. One thing I would've done different is stay closer to the base of the head. I went up towards the middle too much I think.#5 Keep dutch braiding until you get back to the left ear. Pull hair really tight at the end and finish the braid out until there is only a little bit of ends sticking out and tie off with an elastic.
#6 Wrap the hair up towards the top of the head. #1's hair wasn't long enough to go clear on top so you can see her bobby pins really well. Don't worry that will all be concealed. Once your daughter's hair is wrapped up on top of the head, tuck elastic under one of the loops in braid and bobby pin. Tuck the rest of the ends under the loops and bobby pin.#7 Bobby pin a couple on the left side of the hair where you brought the braid up.#8 Add a cute bow and cute little piggie!

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