Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weaved twists and braid ponytails

This hairstyle is pretty cool. The top idea I got from another lady who does some cute hairstyles at The Story of a Princess and Her Hair here. Anyways I just combined it with a classic braid criss-cross into a ponytail with ribbons and this is how it turned out. This hairdo takes 20 minutes.

#1 Section off large square on top of the head. Split it down the middle and section off into four small squares. Tie off each section with a ponytail.#2 Make sure the hair is really wet and use a little gel. Grab the top left section and make 3 twists. Have your daughter help you hold them.

#3 Add them to the bottom right square and tie off with elastic.
#4 Take the top right section and make 3 twists.

#5 Now this is the part where you weave them. Weave one twist over, under. over and have daughter hold. Grab the next twist and this time weave under, over, under. The last twist weave over, then under, then over. Add hair to bottom left and tie off with a new elastic. I just used my fingers to weave- nothing tricky. The reason I use gel is because we are growing out #1's bangs and so there can be fly-aways sometimes which really bug me.
#6 Now split bottom hair into two low ponytails.#7 Braid both right and left pieces on top. Criss-cross by adding the right braid to the lower left ponytail. Tie off with an elastic. Add the top left braid to the lower right ponytail. Tie off with an elastic.
#8 Curl hair and tease. Use some hairspray. Add some ribbons and cute little piggie!

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