Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boys Hair cuts 101

First off I have to use a disclaimer here. I am not a professional beautician or anything. I never went to beauty school. This is just how I've been cutting my husband's and little boys hair for the last 10 years so I thought I would share. I'm a numbers kind of a girl and and love finding out ways to save money. Well this is definitely one of those ways. So I googled the average price of a men's haircut and it averaged around $35. So if you times that by 12 and then again by 10 for years we've been married- we have saved $4.200. For my little boy, haircuts are around $15- times that by 12 and then times that by 5- we have saved $900. So if you add that up, drum roll please....... $5,100 just by doing our own haircuts. That is A LOT of money. My cute mother-in-law taught me how to do this and I am so grateful to her. So go out and buy yourselves some clippers at Walmart for $30. You will be happy you did and so will your bank account! :)

You will need:
Hair clippers
Hair cutting scissors
Haircutting cape#1 So I gave my dad, husband, and son a haircut this last Saturday. It was quite the busy day. Basically you just want to put the cape on them and ask them what kind of style they want. My dad didn't want the nape of his neck tapered so I cut it different than my husband and sons. Instead of using a No. 2 comb, I used a No. 4 comb for the nape of his neck so that it didn't taper.

#2 Make sure to put the guide comb on before you start because I made a horrible mistake one time...hahaha. My husband's very first haircut from me was a disaster. I shaved a stripe right up the back of his hair. I seriously bicked it. He pretty much wore a hat for 3 straight weeks except when he had to work at the bank....lol! Don't let that scare you though. Just keep trying and you will get it. It is just hair and it always grows back. So for my little boy, I started off with a No. 2 comb. Stick it on your clippers properly. I use a Wahl clipper set.#3 Start combing the clippers straight up from the base of the neck to the crown of the head. The trick is to keep the comb pointing straight up following the shape of their head. Continue this process from ear to ear until it is all shaved at the No. 2 length except for the top part of the head.#4 Then I use a No. 1 1/2 comb to blend the bottom around the nape of the neck and also around the ears and temple. I just move it around having the top point up and making sure to do a flicking motion out.#5 Then I take off the combs and just use the razor to form a straight line on the nape of his neck as well as down his neck because he grows hair clear down his neck. Take off some around the ears as well.
#6 Next I used a No. 7 comb but I usually use a No. 8 comb but we wanted it shorter this time. So put your comb on your clippers and start combing through the top of the head. Go in every direction, it doesn't matter. Just make sure you get all of it.#7 Spray the hair with a water bottle. Comb up hair.#8 Get out your scissors. This is where you are going to blend. Blending might seem scary but it is actually my favorite part. You can be creative. Some people use combs to blend, but I just use scissors. Start on the right side and you will make your way over to the left side. Begin by combing the hair in between your pointer finger and middle finger. Have your scissors in your right hand. Grab the hair in between your fingers following the crown of the head. You will see a point. Cut off the point. Work your way around to the left. Next start combing the top and cutting off the point that forms in the middle until all of the hair is even.(By the way, my anniversary band slipped off my finger and I lost it and my wedding ring kept slipping off my finger and I actually lost it as well, but lucky for me my husband found it. So I am wearing it on my middle finger until I can figure out what to do. I am still happily married :)

#9 Practice, practice, practice. I still don't get it perfect but for the most part, the hair turns out great! Just keep trying. Hopefully your hubby and son or whoever's hair you cut, will be patient for you. I like to give my little guy a sucker if I have one, to keep him still but usually I don't have one so I try to work fast because little boys are squirmy.

#10 Voila.....one cute little piggie!


  1. Before anyone heeds Julie's advice on how to cut hair, you should know she once took a pair of clippers to my head and totally scalped me, Navajo style. The kids at school picked on me for a month straight....saying I had Alopecia.

    Love Scott

  2. Whatever scott- by the way this is my brother..,you know the only time you looked good was after I have cut your hair. Especially after I had to comb your greasy HAIR!