Friday, February 3, 2012

Criss Cross Side Pony Tail

So I thought I would do something fun to #1's hair. This hairstyle takes about 20-25 minutes. You need a lot of small elastics.

#1 Part hair in half horizontally and clip away or pull into pony to keep hair out of way.#2 Spray with water bottle and you will begin to section off hair. Start on left side. You want four sections. Use your comb to get nice straight lines and then comb into a little pony tails.
#3. Lay top hair back down and make a part on side of head. You will also make those into four sections. Try to line up your lines. You should now have eight pony tails sticking out.
#4 Braid first pony on left top side 1/2 way down and use an elastic while you combine it to the 2nd bottom section with another elastic. Next braid bottom 1st section and braid 1/2 way up and combine with top 2nd section. Keep criss cross braiding until you get to the final 2 pony tails on the right side of their head. Make sure you spray with water. You want it nice and wet so there are no fly-aways and the braids look nice. I know this might sound super confusing but just look at the pictures and hopefully you will catch on.
#5 Combine top and bottom ponytail into one ponytail. Double band pony. You don't want it coming apart.

#6 Curl hair in the ponytail.

#7 Tease ponytail and spray head generously.

#8 Add a cute headband or bow and voila, you have one cute little piggie!

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