Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boy hairdos

So my little guy likes spikes. He absolutely DOES NOT like his hair down flat in any way. So most of the time I do it and then he re-does it because he wants the front to spike up more. Pretty funny. In fact, as I am posting this, he just brought me hairspray and said, "Here mom, can you spray my hair?" He had already combed his hair into a faux-hawk. Haha. Anyways my second little piggie has stick-straight hair. It only goes one way- straight down his forehead. This makes it very hard to do his hair, because if he had any body at all, his hairstyles would go soooooo much better. I have tried so many products but none-the-less, it is still straight as a nail. So if your boys have stick-straight hair like mine then I will try to give you some pointers.

Now, I can't just rub mouse in his dry hair and expect it to go looking like Beckham- who by the way must have got his hair from the hair Gods. #2's hair would just look sticky, wet and flat. I like to use the product Got 2b Glued. It is the only thing that will work on his hair. I really do wish I could pull off the dry hair look better but with my boys hair it would not work. For any of you beautician's out there, maybe you could give some suggestions.

#1 Spray their hair with a water bottle
#2 Use some hair glue or gel, about a pea size or maybe a little more.

#3 Run fingers through hair
#4 Comb down sides and back and comb up the top of the head

#5 Spike up the front using hair glue#6 Either comb top of head forward, to the side or both sides together in a faux-hawk. Don't forget to spike up the front again of course.

#7 Spray with Extra hold Got 2b Glued hairspray or Freeze it hair spray and voila one studly looking piggie :)
Now this hairdo is how I usually style it so I thought I would post a picture. Comb to the side, spikes in the front.

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