Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3B's: Braiding Bangs Back

Okay so this is a super easy and super cute do. She showered the night before so her hair was a little wavy in the morning. This hairdo takes about 10 minutes.
#1 Straighten hair in sections with a hair straightener#2 Use some silk drops on hair. I like ion silk. It smoothes down fly-aways and makes hair shiny. I also like the cheaper brands too. Rub a pea size in your hands and then smooth all over hair.
#3 Start by grabbing a piece of her bangs in the front and start to french braid, right over the middle, left over the middle, and grab a piece of hair on the right side each time you cross over the middle and from the left side same thing. Only french braid until the bangs run out and then just finish the braid out.Now when I grab the hair, it doesn't have to be in perfect lines or sections when it is dry. I think it looks more natural if it isn't. I do like to have nice parts though when her hair is wet.#4 Bobby pin it to her head above or behind her ear
#5 Criss-cross the bobby pins so that it stays secure
#6 Tease hair all over#7 Brush down tease#8 Spray with hairspray
#9 Add a cute clip and cute little piggie!

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