Monday, January 30, 2012

Curl formers

Okay so these are my new favorite hair tool. I absolutely LOVE them. Click here to go to their website, or just head on over to Sally's and you can pick them up there. Anyways this is how you use them.

#1 Use damp hair and a little product. Comb down and part hair to side.#2 Clip half of hair up

#3 Start by grabbing a small section

#4 Put curlforming stick through curl former and hook onto hair#5 I like to twist it
#6 Squeeze curl former as you pull the hair through. Leave about 3/4 inch hair b/c you don't want the curl former right by their head or it will hurt to sleep on. If you do not do this step it will pull on your little piggies hair and hurt (I found that out the hard way).
#7 Pull Stick with hair in it all the way through the curl former

#8 Alternate colors
#9 Bring next section of hair down. I had to use about 18 curl formers

#10 Do the same thing to each sections#11 Have your little one sleep in them overnight#12 Wake up and squeeze curl former as you pull it out. Sometimes I have to re-wrap the curl around my finger to take correct shape after I take it out.#13 Run fingers through hair and cute little piggie!

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