Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two fancy bun tutorial

So I saw this little girl yesterday at stake activity days that had the cutest hairdo. So I tried to figure out her hair because I really wanted to go home and try it on #1. I tend to do that alot. If I see a cute do, I try to figure it out in my head and then I go home and try it out. This took about 15 minutes. I loved how it turned out except if I could change one thing I would try to make the buns more on the side of her head.

#1 See what I mean about day after hair. Hahaha!!! It is always crazy but no worries. Just spray it down on the top and no big deal.#2 Make a side part and part off the top section of hair like so.#3 Put the top section in a side ponytail. Pull the hair only half way out with the ends sticking up on the top

#4 Make a side ponytail on the bottom section as close to the top section as you can and pull hair only half way through like you did on the top.
#5 Curl the straight pieces that are sticking out back towards you on both sections.

#6 Twist the buns and start pinning. This will take a lot of bobby pins. Just pin pieces all over so they kind of mesh together.#7 Tease the curled pieces as well

#8 Spray and put a headband on and cute piggie!!!

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