Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twisted Puff Braid

So this is always a fun spin on a regular puff braid. This takes 15 minutes.

#1 Part hair on side and section off right side so you are only working on the left side.#2 Section off a square and put a clear elastic in it.#3 Section off another square right underneath the first square and tie it off with an elastic

#4 Separate top hair into 2 sections and twist to the right- ALWAYS to the right.
#5 Begin the twist braid by putting the right twisted piece over the left twisted piece and keep twisting until you get to the next sectioned off piece. Add the twisted part with an elastic to the section underneath it.#6 Separate hair into 2 sections again and begin twisting. Add to the final section of hair so it is now into a low ponytail. There should now be 3 twisted sections.
#7 Do the same thing on the right side.
#8 Separate left pony tail into 2 pieces and spray generously with water, unless their hair is already wet. Twists are always easier if they are really wet and they hold better as well. Begin twisting the right section over the left always twisting to the right until part way down and tie off with an elastic.

#9 Do the same thing on the right side.

#10 Add ribbons to the ponytails and voila.....one cute little piggie!

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