Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Piggies

Sorry that the valentine heart hairdo is late. I was actually planning on doing 3 valentine hairdos this weekend but my whole family got the stomach bug so there went that plan. Anyways here is what we did yesterday for Valentines. It took 20 minutes.

#1 Part hair on side and pull left side into a low piggie with half of the hair pulled out with the ends sticking up. #2 Section off the top from part to ear. The rest pull in a low right ponytail.

#3 Comb into a ponytail. Use a topsy tail if you have one. Click here if you want to buy one from Amazon. They cost around $5.00 I don't have one yet, but I am going to get one. So for those of you who don't have one, all you do is put hair into the ponytail as I said earlier. One thing I would do different is make the ponytail closer to the ponytail on the right so you can make a fatter heart. Anyways, then use your finger or the end of a comb and part hair. Push hair through upside down and pull through. So in this case you want your hair to be coming out of the top so push hair underneath and up through the top. Pull tight and comb. It should now look like this.
#4 Now you don't have to do this part if you don't want too, but I wanted to use ribbon. So I cut off a piece of ribbon probably around 18" I didn't measure but I wanted it long enough to pull up in piggie for later. Stick the end of the ribbon through the elastic. Separate hair so that you have two pieces and begin braiding the left side with the ribbon. Braid the end part of the ribbon that is sticking up into the braid.

#5 Repeat process on right side#6 You should now have two braids with ribbons.

#7 Shape it like a heart and add to low right ponytail with a clear elastic. Flip up by only pulling half of hair out like the other side with the ends sticking up. Tie leftover ribbon in bow.

#8 Curl ends. It should now look like this.#9 Add a cute bow and cute little piggie!

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