Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sponge curlers

So for those of you who don't have curl formers, you might have invested in the cheaper version of sponge curlers. I only used sponge curlers until just recently. Now usually people roll these up from the bottom and when they take them out they are a twisted, kinky mess. I have a trick that I will show you later on in the post. I always have my #1 piggie shower the night before.

#1 Start with damp hair......slightly blow dried if your little ones showered.

#2 Section off top 2/3 hair in a clip.

#3 Start off by grabbing a small section of hair and twisting to the RIGHT. Then I use the biggest curlers which are the pink ones.#4 Trick: Wrap twisted hair around the pink roller starting at the base of the head until the end. Close curler.#5 Continue to wrap curlers around bottom third#6 Let down middle section and repeat steps #3 & #4#7 Let down top section and repeat steps #3 & #4 I used the medium curlers on top.
#8 Sleep overnight#9 Take out curlers keeping them in formation by wrapping around finger.
#10 Run fingers through hair

#11 Tease hair and add a bow or headband#12 Spray hair with hairspray and voila.....one cute little piggie!

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