Monday, February 6, 2012

French braided bangs back into bun

Okay so this hairdo was a total accident but ended up looking pretty cool. I wanted to just braid a headband with her hair down but she kept turning her head and it went on a diagonal. So I changed my mind. I actually really liked it. It only took 10 minutes. It was for church. Some days I need really quick hairdos and this was one of those days.

#1 Part hair like you are going to be making a headband. (ear to ear) Pull the bottom half into a ponytail while working with braid. comb hair to the side nice and smooth.#2 Start french braiding hair starting at one ear and grabbing pieces at the diagonal. Only add hair from the front (right in my case). Do not grab hair from the back (left). This will make the braid sort of twist.#3 Finish out the braid. Tie off with an elastic.
#4 Spray bottom hair with water and pull over to opposite side in a low ponytail. Add the braid so it kind of swirls.#5 I like to just pull out half of the hair in a bob so that the hair ends are sticking up. Wrap another elastic around the bob to secure it. I then wet the ends and make them sort of curl over and I tease them a bit.#6 Add a bow and cute little piggie!

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