Friday, February 17, 2012

3 braided bun

This is a super fun hairdo and fairly easy. Takes about 15 minutes.
#1 Just section off the hair ear to ear and pull low hair into ponytail.#2 Section off a square on the top and begin to french braid.

#3 Finish out the braid and put a clip in it to hold it.#4 The left side should already be in a square. Begin french braiding and finish it out.#5 Do the same thing on the right side.#6 Comb low hair into a high ponytail and add the braids. Tie off with an elastic. Take out clippies that were holding braids.#7 Curl hair. I used a straightening iron to curl it because it is super fast and easy.#8 Tease hair and then fold hair over ponytail so it makes a circle.#9 Begin pinning pieces of ponytail up in a circle either with bobby pins or little clippies. I like it messy.#10 Add a bow and cute little piggie!

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