Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Barrel Curls

This is always fun to do. You need a comb, big claw clip, 3 barrel curling iron and some hairspray. It took 15 minutes.#1 Separate the hair into two sections, with the top section being from the top of one ear to the other ear. Pin the top section using the hair clamps. This will allow you to start using the waving iron on the bottom section first.#2 Spray hair lightly with hairspray. I use the suave touchable finish hairspray. It is light and smells good. You may also want to spray your hair with a thermal protective product if you have dry, damaged hair but I never do.#3 Gather a small section of hair and clamp the waver on the hair about an inch from the roots. Hold the waver for 5-10 seconds and then release the clamp. Move the waver down so that it is just below the last piece of hair waved and clamp again. Repeat this process on that section of hair until an inch of hair is left unwaved.
#4 Repeat Step 3 across the entire bottom layer of hair. Remove the hair clamp and repeat again on next layer.#5 Repeat the clamping process from Step 4 on the top layer of hair. Once the waves have cooled, loosen the curls with your fingers.
#6 Tease hair underneath. Spray with hairspray all over.#7 Add a bow or headband and cute little piggie!

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