Friday, January 27, 2012

Side French Braids w/ messy flower bun

Okay so here goes for my first hair post. First of all, yesterday I was taking pictures of how to do piggie twists but of course my camera died right when I needed it. I will try to do video posts as well but for now this will have to do. So I like to have piggie #1 wash her hair every other day. The first day I usually do it down with curls or straightened or something creative wet and then the next day (her hair is always a mangled mess) I spray it down with the water bottle and hair detangler and then I do a cute up do. So today was the day after hair so I decided to go with this hair style. I had 15 minutes and that's exactly how long it took. Perfect.

1. First you start off with a good part. I like to spray and comb it down so it is nice and smooth
3. Start french braiding from the left side. Right over middle, left over middle. With every piece of hair you grab, you add hair to middle piece.4. Once you get to the right side of her head behind her hair, stop adding hair and just braid a little down. Have her hold that side. By the way, don't mind my messy get's crazy this early in the morning.5. Start french braiding the rest of her hair on the right side.

6. Combine the two pieces behind her ear with a clear elastic (my favorite things ever). It's okay if it doesn't look perfect. In fact I almost like it to not be perfect, it looks more natural and it doesn't matter anyways because you will be covering up the point where they come together with your messy bun

7. Scrunch hair towards the middle of the elastice and wrap another elastic around so it looks something like this.

8. Start pinning down the pieces wherever you want if you want a messy bun look or if you want the flower bun look, pin pieces down in a circular form like this.

9. Put in a flower, spray generously with hairspray and cute little piggie!

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