Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wannabe writer

I am a mother of two children. It is a challenge trying to write a book and take care of them at the same time. I have to say I have stayed up many nights typing so that I could play with my kids during the day. I have discovered that I have a love of writing. I wish I would've known this back in college because I would've changed my major. I have to say that I am an avid reader. I love, love, love books. I always have. Some of my favorites of course are the classics including Les Miserables, Pride and prejudice, 1984, Ender's game, Tale of Two Cities, The Scarlet letter, War and Peace, Little Women, etc. Some of the books I have read recently and liked are Christopher Paolini's Eragon series, Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Uglies series, and Hunger games to name a few.
I decided to have a blog about my journey as a writer and my wish...wink, be published. I started writing back in college. I always have stories in my head and I decided to put them down. I wrote a children's book five years ago but haven't done anything with it. It is still in my computer. I know it is a great story but the whole writing process is daunting. So I gave up.
Back in March of this year, I had another story in my head. This time it was a young adult fantasy. I started out writing an outline. Then I wrote a chapter. Now I have a 250 pg book. This time I have done the research. I have subscribed to I also have checked out so many agents blogs that I could puke. Now I know, that first you have to write a query letter. Then if they like it, you write a synopsis and send in a couple chapters. Then if they like that, you send in your manuscript. Then and only then, if they like your manuscript, they will take you on as your agent. After that, they try to pitch your work to publishers. It is a huge process and I am overwhelmed but I'm still going to at least try.
Don't worry, I am not naive. I am expecting rejections. I know that they toss like 95% of the slosh of papers they get, but I am still going to try. I have to now because I really believe in my books. For now, I am signing out!


  1. I want to be a character in your book :) Then maybe someday when your book becomes a movie Kristen Stewert will play ME!

  2. I'm a wanna be writer, too. They say a good rule to live by to be realistic in publishing is to expect 99 no's to every 1 yes. I've submitted and submitted and I feel like I've done it forever and I'm only to about 20 no's. Ha ha ha! Good luck! We should chat about it sometime, share ideas and encouragement!!