Friday, February 10, 2012

Upside down French braid and stuffed bun

So I hardly had any time to do this and I would do a couple things different but it still turned out cute. This took 10 minutes.

#1 Section off hair on top from ear to ear and put in pony or clip to keep away.#2 Have daughter sit on chair and flip head upside down. Grab a section of hair in the middle and begin french braiding (right over the middle, left over the middle, adding pieces as you go)
#3 French braid until you run out of hair and put in ponytail.#4 Add the front ponytail to the french-braided pony tail. This is what I would do different next time. Instead of having to seperate ponytails combing into one, I would just comb the front section into the french braided ponytail so you only have one ponytail.
#5 Now for the sake of time, I just hurried and did a stuffed bun. That is- wrap an elastic around her hair and pull hair only part way out. With the remaining hair sticking out of the bottom, you stuff it back into the ponytail so it looks messy and stuffed :) If I would have had more time, I would have just curled the ponytail and teased it, and clipped or bobby pinned pieces up.
#6 Add a bow and cute little piggie!

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